EMM Therapy  Delivers Faster & Better Results than other Horse Therapy Modalities

BUY OUR EBOOK (1)It is an Equine Muscle Therapy that will almost overnight transform your tired aching horse into a performance athlete.

Get an unfair advantage in working, sporting or  endurance situations as you treat your horse yourself and get them back into action.

This therapy is taught worldwide by Steve & Kath Rochford of Equus Muscle Management Australia in both face to face training workshops or via an  online video based training portal.  We teach a powerful series of “corrections” that you or your equine therapist can apply in the performance horse arena or at home.


  • Faster Recovery

    Our Therapy provides immediate relief which means faster recovery for performance or working horses, allowing them to perform at their peak sooner.

  • Perform Better

    By treating your horses muscular stress you are able to put them through more intensive training programs to allow your horses to reach their full potential sooner.

  • Online Delivery Available

    Training can be delivered in face to face workshops or conveniently via our online video training portal. Only Level 1 can be delivered online.

  • Save Money

    By applying the therapy yourself you can quickly treat your horse and save time and money for  expensive therapists or multiple treatments.

  • Happier Horses

    The therapy results in improved temperament in horses, which means they are easier to catch, handle and train.

  • Better Outcomes

    After treatment with our therapy your horse will have improved suppleness, strength and range of motion which means better performance and less likelihood of injury.

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